Samoposlužni aparat Necta Snekky pića i grickalice

The flexible machine for a variety of needs

With its user-friendly functions, Snakky provides the perfect solution for many small to medium sized locations thanks to its reduced dimensions and small footprint. Offering great value for money, the machine has been designed to be banked with Kikko, to offer a complete drinks and snacking solution. However, thanks to its innovative design and flexible structure, the versatile Snakky can also be banked with other machines, or even stand alone.


Dispensing technologies at your service

Flexible layout that can offer both snack, cans and bottles
Excellent capacity /size ratio
Possibility to install up to three payment systems




Design & user interface

Large glass front door with aluminium frame
Round plastic shape in the user interface area
Numeric membrane keypad
Possibility to install up to three payment systems




Electronics & Maintenance

16 bit electronics with 4 mb flash eprom
Blue alphanumeric display with 20 carachters on 4 lines
Automatic setup and statistics retrival though Giga software